Snowy Adventure


Snowy Mountain Road, NSW

Exciting!  Awesome!  That is how I would categorically describe our first adventure to the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales.  Together with some friends and my family, we took our first adventure – we stayed for  two nights at Angler’s Reach Lakeside Village (at the back is Lake Eucumbene) in Adaminaby  and later, we had a whole day of fun at the Thredbo Ski Resort.  Our kids did enjoy more than us of course!

I know the mountain covered with thick snow is huge that I preferred to scout what’s around the ski resort rather than to stay in just one place.  So, I moved around, up via a trail to where those tramlines carrying people were leading up to, then, as I was so excited and amused, took some photos – landscapes, snow balls, people skiing, images of snow still intact on branches and leaves, and anything that I felt interesting to be captured.  As I was one of those in the group with a first time experience atop snow fields, I can’t help but to keep on exploring some more.


Thredbo, Snowy Mountains.

The landscape shots I took showed a lot of stories beyond what I’ve expected.

We left Thredbo before three in the afternoon during that day and drove to Mount Selwyn.  Unfortunately, the guy that lead us the way was perhaps confused when he learned the main road that leads to Mount Selwyn was closed, and instead followed an unsealed road, rugged, muddy, with many pot holes and leads to nowhere until we decided to stop and drove back again where we came from.  What worried us during that time was, we might not be able to get back to the main road before dusk falls.  One thing more was, the car of one of our friends did not have enough petrol left and that bothers them, too.

Finally, we reached the main road after sunset.  The remaining problem was how to get back home to Adaminaby, where we were to spend the night again.  After more than two hours driving at night mostly at 100 kph, we managed to reach Adaminaby Holiday Lakeside Park.

We reached Mount Selwyn Snowfields the day we’re bound to drive back to Sydney.  We took some group photos at the roadside area on our way home via Tumut.  We decided that perhaps we can come back for more snow adventures to this place.

Photo Gallery

Back Home

On our w way back to Sydney, we drove off via Tumut and explored the wonderful landscape of the place.  It was an awesome adventure indeed and we’re lucky to have the opportunity to drove down the highway of this great town.


The terrain of the highway at Tumut, NSW, photo taken on our way home to Sydney.



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