Coastal Walk Adventure

Visited during the trip:  Boudi Natioanl Park, Maitland Bay, Putty Beach


The Information Centre at Boudi National Park

That day was fantastic so to speak!

Nice sunny spring weather and this motivated us, my  family for a coastal walk at the Boudi National Park in Central Coast of New South Wales.  It was our first time to get involved with that lasted for two hours walk back and forth.  The park is huge and it offers not only great walks, but also opportunities for camping, swimming and fishing.

That was a long and winding walk but it was  awesome as the view of the coast runs parallel to every turn of the trail and that perhaps fascinates people walking – the power of the sea and earth together as they say.

Halfway the course, we saw a group of Asian tourists on their way towards the Maitland Bay, but then turned back towards Putty Beach when they saw us moving towards that direction.

The sandstone rocks and rock formations attracted my attention.  Below is a shot I took which shows some kind of arts embedded in the rocks .


A fine art done by nature.


A rock embedded with fine circular lines.


The lengthy and winding coastal walk

Located on the Central Coast near Gosford, north of Sydney (46 kilometres northeast), the beautiful Bouddi National Park offers spectacular diverse landscapes – from beaches and steep cliffs through to rainforest and heathland.

Bouddi National Park is home to countless attractions, including one of Australia’s first marine protected areas, significant Aboriginal sites, unique animals and plant life.


Maitland Bay

Beside the Maitland Bay, camping is available, and while in there, you can go swimming, fishing or whale watching, or take in sweeping views on the Box Head track.  I took some few images here before we started our coastal walk.


Another colourful rock formation close to Putty Beach.


Putty Beach



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