The Eurobodalla beaches

Visited:  Moruya South Head Beach, Moruya Shelly Beach, Quandolo island, Oe Tree Point, Batemans Bay, Kianga Beach, Narooma Beach


Moruya South Head Beach

Eurobodalla is located in a largely mountainous coastal region down south of New South Wales and situated adjacent to the Tasman Sea, the Princess Highway and the Kings Highway.

I have here some photos of the Eurobodalla beaches we visited during our summer getaway 2014.  We spent our two-nights stay at the Big 4 Holiday Park in Moruya South, an affordable and reasonable price caravan park.

I love the rocky part of this beach, it exposes rock formations idyllic for stunning photography.  The first time I saw the place, I know there are something innate so, I spent some time capturing images that I know  are worth sharing.

You’ll never regret having your stay here for long, it indeed will capture your heart and soul and perhaps will even left you with more further visit to the place in the future.


Narooma Beach – “Glasshouse Rock”

This is the beautiful Glasshouse Rock in Narooma, it is more stunning when it is low tide as some smaller rocks are being exposed that add more beauty to it as a whole when viewed at a distant.  I used a 75-300mm lens to capture this image.


One Tree Point

One Tree Point is a popular visiting spot for locals and visitors to sit, reflect and enjoy the seascape.  As they say, passing whales, pods of dolphins, the occasional seal and the endless rolling in of the surf can be watch from here.  Of course we didn’t forget to take some remembrance photos of this place.


Moruya Shelly Beach

This beach is one of the picturesque beach in Moruya and is a popular recreational spot for families complete with a picnic area.  The best way to enjoy the place is when there are only few people around and that is in the morning.


Batemans Bay

We’ve been here many times in Batemans Bay and the photo above was taken during our last visit.  Jet Skiing is a popular sports here and the more you can see them during weekends.


Quandolo Island during low tide

When we visited this place, it was low tide and there were heaps of sea shells like oysters and trumpet snails visible.  The oysters were edible as I took a couple of them fresh for a taste.


Kianga Beach

Only a few beach lovers were enjoying this beach at the time we’re here and they’re mostly families with children.




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