Sea Creatures, an Encounter

The photos below were taken at the Manly Sealife Sanctuary in Manly, Sydney, an awesome experience with incredible marine life, from cuttlefish, lionfish, baby sharks, sting rays, seahorses to octopuses and many more.

We came here one Sunday Family Day touring Manly suburb with its great dining restaurants, this Sealife Sanctuary and many other attractions.   This is our second encounter with sea creatures, the first one was in Sydney Aquarium which is I believe bigger that Manly Sealife but of course entry fees are a bit more expensive.

This aquarium is also home to the original Shark Dive Xtreme, where guests can take the plunge with huge sharks, giant stingrays, turtles and thousands of fish. Shark Dive Xtreme is suitable for experienced and first time divers – no experience is required.

Coincidentally, four divers just sunk down beside the tube where we were, weaving their hands unto us and we knew for sure they were enjoying their time underwater with the sea creatures, too!

Manly Aquarium

This is a photo of one of the four divers inside the aquarium that swam close to the tube where we were.




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