Kiama’s Treasures

Visited during the trip:  Rangoon Reserve, Cathedral Rocks, Bombo Headland, Blowholes


Cathedral Rocks

Kiamaa is one of the popular places in New South Wales often visited by people and is located 120 kilometres south of Sydney.

Below are photos of some places we visited, interesting places with significant attractions but I dig more what the Bombo Quarry have, stunning rock formations!  Geology and historical information about the place can be found here.

We had a brief stay at the Rangoon Reserve, a calm and picturesque place with waist depth sea water where people can just paddle out to reach a nearby island.  Perhaps some people come here too, just to enjoy paddling out the sea for relaxation.

The more we got fixated with nature when we reached the Cathedral Rock.  Located just three kilometres north of Kiama at the southern end of Jones Beach, this distinctive rock formation is part of the geologically fascinating coastline. Cathedral Rocks, has lured sightseers since 1890. These volcanic rocks, while intensely hard, have many joints, have been eroded for many years, leaving these mysterious rock formations.


Bombo Quarry

The Bombo Quarry or Bombo Headland is the most stunning place in Kiama I’ve ever known and had been to.  The landscape is incomparable to other areas I’ve been in Australia, and photography here is indeed incredible.

Heaps of images of the area in their stunning camera shots abound in the web, and that motivated me too, to capture images close enough or as much as possible artistic and beautiful as they are.


Bombo Headland


Kiama Blowhole

The Blowhole is famous in Kiama and is considered the largest in the world!

It is estimated that 600,000 people visit the Blowhole per year to view the spectacular plumes of water that can be seen when the seas are running from the south east.

Only a short distance from the town centre and railway station, the Kiama blowhole has picnic areas and rock pool nearby. The Beach and Bush Cafe, Visitors Information Centre and toilets are also located nearby and are open 9am to 5pm.

A viewing platform with disabled access is provided to gives good views of Kiama blowhole.

We’ve been here twice, the weather wasn’t good when we came here for the first time, it was cold, too windy and raining.  So, we got to view the blowhole from the deck, getting closer would mean you’ll get wet all over because of the strong wind coming from the seaboard.

Not far from here is the Little Blowhole, small as it may seem, but still attracts visitors everyday wanting to see it.


Little Blowhole

Rangoon Reserve, Kiama

Rangoon Reserve, Kiama



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