Aqua Fun and fishing at Avoca

A family day at the Avoca Lake, with an awesome and full of fun for our group and then in the afternoon drove to the fishing ground of Avoca.

Avoca is a coastal suburb of the Central Coast region of New South Wales about 95 kilometres north of Sydney.

We came here early morning after a hard rain the other day and there were only few people roaming around, kayak and pedal-crafts hiring were still closed. It only became available after ten in the morning and due to that fun seeking people formed a queue as heaps of them started to come over.

People love to use the pedal crafts that none of them became idle, and in no time easy for the guys handling them to monitor being used at the time specified.  It was quite hot during that day and some people in our group couldn’t bear it and never attempted to ride more than an hour.


Boarding Pedal Crafts


Aqua Fun at Avoca Lake

At around three in the afternoon, we drove to the beach popular for fishing in Avoca.  Though the rocky shore is awesome and scenic, it is a very dangerous place for fishing as it become hazardous during high tide, the rocky shore will be completely submerged.  Some fatal accident were already recorded here during high tide and some cases due to improper use of fishing gears like spiky shoes.


Fishing ground at Avoca Beach


Recreational fishing enthusiasts


One of the picnic grounds close to Avoca Lake.



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