My version of the Opera House

I took the first two sets of photos of the Opera House when we went to Manly, a suburb north of Sydney while on a Ferry ride, I used my 75-300mm long lens.  I also have done night photography at the Opera House.

Opera House is an awesome landmark not only for Sydney but for the world because of its unique structure and the stunning views of the harbour surrounding it.  How the Opera House came to exist from its conception, to design, and construction can be found in this site you’ll be guided to its complete history.

Opera House

Taken while on a Ferry ride to Manly.


Taken while on Ferry ride to Manly.


Opera House, night photography.

The next two close up photos were taken during a visit to Circular Quay with my family.

Also, I was able to see the interior of the Opera House when one of my daughter was on a Recorder class in collaboration with Sydney West’s Public Schools held their annual concert here.  We were invited then to watch their performance.


Opera House


Opera House


Inside the theathre of the Opera House.

The Opera Bar is the harbourside bar at Circular Quay located at the lower concourse of the Opera House that remains Sydney’s first port of call for pre-show drinks and awesome views of the harbour.


The Opera Bar at Opera House


The Opera Bar at Opera House


The Opera Bar at night.



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