Adventures to the Central Coast

Visited during the trip:  The Entrance, Caved Beach, Somersby Falls


Cool summer weather, December 2015.

Predicted weather for Sydney on the 27th of December 2015 was cloudy, 24 degrees, and chances of rain was small at five percent while at the central coast was also cloudy but 22 degrees which means this weather was very unusual during summer time.

It wasn’t that bad actually, we like it of course because average December temperatures normally run high at mid-30s.  So, together with some family friends we drove to the Central Coast of New South Wales at half passed eight in the morning.  First touch down was at the The Entrance.

The Entrance


Part of The Entrance where people love to spend some time.

The Entrance is a popular tourist destination in the Central Coast, less than 100 km northeast of Sydney and is about an hour and a half by car.  It was cloudy when we left home, traffic was light to moderate but when we reached the Pennant Hills roads, traffic became quite heavy, and then when we’re on the Freeway it started to drizzle, then rain, then drizzle again up to the Gosford area.

It wasn’t raining when we arrived at The Entrance but it was windy and cool and made us wear our jumpers.

Two years ago we visited this place and since then I noticed that there wasn’t any new significant development added to the place as well as the number of visitors were almost the same as it was.

It was high tide along the channel and sea water was flowing inward towards the Tugerah Lake.  While the children were busy playing at the park and the parents chatting not far from them, a friend and I strolled around hoping to see some attractions.  Then we saw these Pelicans and birds, heaps of them resting and flocked in rows and rows on a sandbar right at the middle of the channel.


Heaps of birds waiting for food or just resting.

I was amused indeed as it was my first time to watch birds in such a formation.   I didn’t wasted any moment and took some images of them using my long lens 75-300mm. Perhaps the cool, breezy and cloudy weather were the motivating factors for them to flock there together for a while.


Pelicans just love the weather for the day.

Well, I haven’t taken photos such as these yet and I would say that these was an opportunity for me photographing awesome still and in-flight  birds.


The lucky Pelican in close up photo.

Caved Beach


Caved Beach

This beach is forty minutes’ drive away from The Entrance.  At around past one in the afternoon we drove to this place as some of our friends haven’t reached it yet.  Not only that, I have to take photos again of the place as my old photos were taken with a compact camera.  We were lucky enough, it was low tide at the time we reached the place.


A view from afar where the caves are located.

Stairs are provided from the car park to the beach down below.  To the right is the rocky part of the beach and there lies the caves carved out from an escarpment.  One is huge and it’s the main attraction here, stunning, idyllic for photography.   Some big boulders are blocking the sea waves allowing just a flow of sea water reaching the innards of the rocky shoreline.


The cave at the beach.

There were few people roaming around the beach, some were at the caved area, a guy was flying a huge kite while surfing with the waves.  Also, I saw more people at the beach further north walking and enjoying the beach sand.

The weather was just fine, cool cloudy day, just good enough for people like us to enjoy the day here.  Well, I managed to capture some landscape photos as well as group photos here which I believe would impress people once I shared them online.

Somersby Falls


The Somersby Fall

This was my second time to reach the Somersby Falls, we drove here for the sake of some friends who haven’t seen the place yet.  We arrived here at around four in the afternoon and got parked outside paid parking areas.

The children were more excited to see the waterfall than us.  The place I reckon received enough millimetre of rain during the past days because there was more than enough water flowing down the rocks creating an awesome scenery, a very attractive waterfall!  The more water that flows down the greater the effect on photography.  When we arrived here there were couple of guys taking photos of themselves the waterfall as the background while others were in awed as they watched the waterfall.

The waterfall has three great attractive locations, at the top where water just flow down on an almost flat rocks, then the waterfall itself, and the bottom part where water flows down close knit moss covered boulders.


The top of the Somersby Falls


The Waterfall


At the bottom of the waterfall.

Most of the time I have the tendency when am excited of the beauty of a place to capture photos right away which is not supposed to be.


The picturesque view of the Koolewong Foreshore Reserve.

The Koolewong Foreshore Reserve is another attraction of the City of Gosford where recreational fishing is always maintained and boats are moored here too.  Some picnic grounds are available here, good place to relax and unwind.  I got this impression when we had a brief stop and took photos here when we drove up hill and down to Putty beach, not that far from this gorgeous seascape.


Putty Beach



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