Exotic Animals, an Encounter


The horse drawn cart that brought us around the park where the animals live.

It was my first time to encounter these animals from a wildlife park in New South Wales.  We visited the park called “Altina Wildlife Park” located in Darlington Point last October 2015 about 615 kilometres west of Sydney or six and a half hours drive by car.  We were told by our tour guide that most of the animals they cared for in the widelife park were imported from other countries like Africa and Southeast Asia.

I took the photos of the animals below while we were on tour around the park aboard a horse drawn cart.

As we were quite afar from the animals, I used my 75-300mm lens again, also, because we were not allowed to get off the cart while on tour and while the tour guide narrates history of the park or describes every locations and animals we met.

We were given a chance to feed the goats at the middle of the tour when we stopped midway of the safari.  I just don’t know the goats love loaf breads to eat instead of grass as their food or perhaps the bread has already been fed to them for sometime until became a regular part of their daily foods.


The horse drawn cart that brought us around the park where the animals live.


A lion taking a rest while looking afar.


Giraffes feeding on leaves.


Camels got disturbed while grazing when we arrived at their location.


A plain Zebra from Africa.


Some horny sheep.


I like these animals because of their elongated horns.


Common marmoset from Brazil, take note how tiny they are.


Red Panda


More animals.


Feeding time for the goats.




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