Galston Open Gardens


Residential houses spread over Galston, Arcadia and Dural about ten of them opened up their huge gardens to the public during the event last year, which lasted  for three days.

Galston, Arcadia and Dural are located northwest of Sydney and about 36 kilometres from the central business district.

You may wonder when they say that the organizers of the event are all volunteers and whatever profits they received are distributed to charities.  That’s a lot of effort for charity purposes, right!

Our experience was that, we have to squeeze our time during the event because the open garden starts at 9.30 am until 4.30 pm, so, to finish all the gardens, around ten gardens, we have to allocate our time per garden to less than an hour  each.

We have seen that each garden was uniquely different and visitors like us were fascinated at how each owner has landscaped their garden.

Among the many things we’ve see include water features, garden sculptures, vegetables gardens, ornamental plants, flowering shrubs and specimen trees.  Also, a huge range of floral art, potted plants, fruit, vegetables and many classes of cut flowers were on display.

I found flowers and flowers I haven’t seen yet here, beautiful and stunning.  I tried as much as possible to capture good photos of them, the thing is, heaps of visitors kept roaming around them making it too hard for me to focus on them.

Below, are some of the images I took from the various open gardens involved during the event.


A native flower from the Crundale Garden.


Took this photo from the Elegans Garden.


A water feature from the Glenroy Park.


An awesome garden feature of the Kailynd Garden.


Flowers from the Red Creek Garden.


From the Reverie Garden.


Manicured plants from the Taliesin Garden.


Another garden with an awesome water feature.



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