South Bank, Brisbane


Taken from the South Bank, Brisbane, Queensland

I have a great admiration of the place when my family and I set foot in this part of the sunshine state, why?  Because South Bank has an enormous coverage, it is considered as Brisbane’s premier lifestyle and cultural destination located just right on the southern bank of Brisbane River on 17 hectares of lush parklands.


Cafes at the South Bank, Brisbane

South Bank stretches from Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art in the north to the Queensland Maritime Museum in the south.  When we came here during our summer holiday to the Gold Coast January 2016, we started to stroll from the Maritime Museum and up to the interactive science centre.

On that walk we came to see and conclude the presence of several restaurants, cafes, bars and boutiques; world-class museums and galleries; a performing arts centre; a cinema; five-star hotels, a joy ride they call Wheel of Brisbane, all within a walking distance of each other.  We had the chance to walk into the rainforest that leads to the beautiful Nepalese built Peace Pagoda where tourists love to take some souvenir photos.


Nepalese peace Pagoda, South Bank

Up north, is housed on a huge three story building the interactive science centre carefully designed to suit every piece of history and science.  It took us more than hour to complete an awesome tour but some sections there require some admission fee to watch a presentation, perhaps a video or some displays.

Because of this landscape of the South Bank with its stunning river views it is certainly, I reckon an all year round delightful event for a perfect place to relax and unwind especially for the whole family.


The Wheel of Brisbane

South Bank as they say, is also home to more than 150 events each year and is continually evolving to create new and exciting experiences for locals and visitors alike.


A look at the interactive science centre, South Bank.

There are so much attractions to see and enjoy while at the South Bank such as the images below which means you won’t feel a day pass by as you set foot on this park of Brisbane.


One of the old buildings transformed into a sort of a cafe.


A fully maintained garden at the South Bank.





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