Gold Coast, your Destination


Viewed from the Observation Deck of Sky Point, Gold Coast

Exploring places around us gives us a view of what’s life exist there, gives us a better understanding of their social fabric and the way they live now and then.

That was what we did two weeks ago when we had an adventure to the Gold Coast, a metropolitan region south of Brisbane or about 844 kilometres from Sydney, famed for its long sandy beaches.

We found out that during our adventure Gold Coast has a lot to offer.

Here are the categories they want us to visit and experience there:


Amusement and theme parks


Galleries, museums and collections

Historical sites and heritage locations

Landmarks and buildings

Natural attractions and national parks

Scenic drives and walk


SPAs and retreats

Sports and recreational activities

Wineries vineyards and breweries

Zoos, sanctuaries, aquariums and wildlife parks

Of course we didn’t go through all of these in one go, our adventure lasted for only a week, so we concentrated on the theme parks.  Gold Coast is popularly known as the Theme Park of Australia because in its own backyard is the home of five theme parks – DreamWorld, Whitewater World, SeaWorld, MovieWorld, and Wet ‘n’ Wild, each has their own style of presenting these parks to the public.


The SeaWorld Theme Park, a premiere marine animal park in Australia.


DreamWorld, Australia’s largest theme park.


MovieWorld, a popular movie related theme park on the Gold Coast.


Whitewater World, a water theme park.


Wet ‘n’ Wild, a large water park bigger than Whitewater World.

We spent a day each in each of these theme parks, enjoying every rides and features they have until we felt exhausted and retired.

After immersing ourselves to their theme parks, we went to discover their beaches that stretches far and wide along the coast.

We started from what they call The Spit, a place for surfers as well as fishermen then drove down to Currumbin beach, another beach with exquisite beauty known as the photographers’ paradise.  We also had the chance to go further down to Coolangatta beach which is lying close to the boarder with New South Wales.

We spent a night touring the popular sandy Surfers’ Paradise, experiencing as well the awesome night life and shopping moments there.


Tourists Apartments at Labrador, Gold Coast

Wherever you go, high rise buildings ca be seen, and I reckon it is because of these attractions in Gold Coast that creates business and life here, with sprawling high rise buildings majority of them are for holiday makers.

Maybe we will be back here again in the future for the other attractions they have.  Life here is all about relaxation and enjoyment and Gold Coast takes care of you.  Now, Gold Coast is a major tourist destination not only for Queensland but for the whole southern hemisphere.



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