Sydney’s Chinese New Year Celebration 2016



Dragon Dance

This was my first time to relate myself and my photography to the celebration of Chinese New Year in Sydney.  There was one time I witnessed a street parade in the CBD but after that there was never a serious one witnessing the celebration once again until this one.

Chinese New Year nowadays is quite a big festival that once it’s up for celebration just like any other festival held in Sydney, always has a huge crowd following and as a result traffic chaos ensues on the roads as well as car parks are full.

Nurragingy Park, Blacktown

In Western Sydney, Chinese New year 2016  was advertised beforehand in major local papers and billboards and that was where I got the news about the event and I decided to give a sense of appreciation, not because of the festival per se but because I love to watch Chinese Cultural displays and exhibits as long as they’re translated into the English language.  As expected, there was a huge crowd and traffic enforcers were there directing traffic in and out of the park where it was held.  There were two stages where shows were presented.


Celebrating Chinese New Year in Nuragingy Park, Western Sydney.


A show of Chinese culture through dances.


Chinese dancers during their show.

Aside from dancing and singing, I was amused by the presentation of the Taekwandoo Club to the public their expertise in self defense , and also the drumming of huge drums in several rhythmic beatings.


The local Taekwandoo Club participation during the festival.

There was Fireworks after the shows but I didn’t watch it.  I got picked up early to avoid the traffic that may kept me get stuck up in the park for perhaps an hour or so.


Fireworks carefully laid down.

The event was also broadcasted over TV with the help and anchorage of Channel 9, their crew have been there before the start of the shows.


Channel 9 broadcasting the event on Television.

Sydney CBD CNY Celebration

Sydney Chinese New Year Festival has grown from a modest community street market in 1995 to become one of the largest Lunar New Year celebrations outside Asia.  The festival’s main feature this year was the Lunar Lanterns, with giant lanterns representing animal signs of the Chinese zodiac.  Below are some of the images I took during the festival in Sydney CBD.


A huge display of Chinese Lanterns in Martin Place, Sydney.


Chinese dancers during the event’s show in Sydney.


Drums beating during the show in Sydney.

Chinese arts and cultures were displayed at prominent places in the CBD like the Matin Place, Opera House and many more.  Likewise, Chinese new Year Celebration Banners were posted in the major streets.  Some major shopping centres like the Queen Victoria Building was also decorated with lanterns and other Chinese displays at specific areas.  There is no doubt that this festival was also celebrated not only in Sydney  but also in the other parts or cities of the country as well as around the world.


Display at Queen Victoria Building shopping centre.


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