Sydney Festival


Here are two shows that attracted not only us but huge number of enthusiasts, thrill seekers or perhaps curious people during the event.  Actually they were the main attractions I reckon because of the huge following of people during their show times.

The Exxopolis was set at the Opera House forecourt while the Sacrilege was constructed in the Hyde Park, together with some other attractions, and food courts.

Exxopolis, Luminarium

The Architects of Air from UK, brought their latest large-scale inflatable ‘luminarium’ to Sydney for last summer 2014.  The inflatable ‘walk-in’ sculpture Mirazozo, UK company Architects Of Air returned to the Sydney Opera House forecourt with their 20th ‘luminarium’, to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

So, what is a luminarium?  Architects of Air coined the word to describe their inflatable, colourful vinyl structures, which are sort of like a labyrinthine acquarium – but instead of water there’s air, and instead of fish, there’s you. The name Exxopolis is a play on AOA’s first sculpture, Eggsopolis (so called because it looked like eggs); the double-x replacing the ‘g’s represents the roman numerals for 20.

During the festival we had the chance to tour the inside of the Lunimarium and because of the huge number of people wanting to go inside, each individual was only allowed to be there not more than twenty minutes, and there were caretakers inside and outside the entrance monitoring people and time.  People were also searched with sharp objects and shoes were removed.  Inside was another gate, a main entrance where people are oriented and told what to do while in there.  It was indeed an awesome, stunning work of art and creation, fun, and entertaining.


The Exxopolis, a castle like structures sewn out from rubber tubes.


An image of one of the tubes of the Exxopolis, Luminarium.


The amazing inside of the Luminarium.


One of the labyrinths of the Luminarium.


Sacrilege is a life-sized inflatable replica of Stonehenge for people to bounce and enjoy during the festival.  It’s a work of art that’s been touring around the world and was in Sydney during the festival and enormously supported by a huge crowd, our first time to see it in the CBD, too.


The sacrilege during the festival.


You can just imagine the awesome inflatable rubbers when you bounce on these structures, and feel how great this work of art.


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