The beautiful Fuchsia Flowers



Fuchsia flowers and plants are quite foreign to me and never heard them before until we attended an open garden in western Sydney, New South Wales regarding the plants and its varieties.

At the open garden venue I was amazed to see heaps of people attending and expressing their love for the plants and were so passionate about them.  Some of them were in consultation with the owner of the garden, some were in group discussions, and some were buying Fuchsia in pots.  The garden was not that wide but it was patiently  and carefully landscaped to accommodate the plants varieties and many more flowering plants.


The venue of the open garden, front and backyard all filled with Fuchsia plants.

IMG_6638Furthermore, after the event I’ve known that here in Australia, there are some associations or societies of people who plant them in their gardens or backyards, who are enthusiasts, and some are trained to educate other people about the Fuchsia plants.

Well, Fuchsias are among the most popular garden plants in the world. They are extremely versatile and can be grown in shaded gardens or in hanging baskets and pots.  The plant got its name from Leonhart Fushs (1501-1566) who had extensive knowledge in Medicine at that time and had studied plants.  In honour of Fuchs’ work the fuchsia received its name shortly before 1703 by Charles Plumier.

There are currently almost 110 recognized species of Fuchsia and some of them are in the photos below, I took during  the open garden.  We bought two varieties of Fuchsia in pots when we went home.


A purple Fuchsia.


A white Fuchsia.


Another variety of Fuchsia.


Another variety of Fuchsia.


A red Fuchsia.




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