Penrith, the Adventure Capital

Penrith City is an hour drive from where we are and is one of the beautiful cities west of Sydney and is only an hour from Sydney’s city centre, too.

The historic town of Penrith is today a lively destination for adventurers with everything from jet pack adventure to aqua golf, its proximity to the stunning Blue Mountains and Nepean River also make it an ideal place for bush walks and family day trips or weekend getaways.

Here are some of the many attractions that you can find at the city.  On several occasions we visited them, experienced and enjoyed these awesome attractions.

Whitewater Stadium

We visited this sporting arena many times which is an artificial whitewater sporting facility that hosted the canoe/kayak slalom events of the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney.

Also, it has an excellent Coffee Shop or Kiosk that caters to the needs of all visitors.


Training Day for SES (State Emergency Services) at Whitewater Stadium, Penrith, NSW

Regatta Centre

This was actually a lake but then it was developed as a site for the rowing competition during the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney.  Now it’s being used for local sporting competitions and a training ground.



Penrith Regatta Centre, Penrith, NSW


Jetpack Training at Penrith Lakes, Regatta Centre


Jetpack Training at Penirth Lakes, Regatta Centre

iFLY Skydiving

We visited this thrillsome sports twice and you won’t ever regret being here many times.  The best place to experience being elevated on air!

iFLY is an Indoor Skydiving, a state-of-the-art vertical wind tunnel as they say that provides a fun and safe way to experience true human bodyflight.

Many people come here especially during weekend and they caters for school excursions and corporate group adventures too, no experience required and training is provided.


iFLY Skydiving, Penrith, NSW


iFLY Skydiving, Penrith, NSW

Penrith Observatory

There were no people around here that day when we visited this place, only some construction workers working on a road repairs.  The observatory was closed, too.

The Penrith Observatory is part of the School of Computing Engineering and Mathematics and is operated by a dedicated team of volunteer staff and students that are part of the Western Sydney Cosmic Data Laboratory.  A visit to the Penrith Observatory can include listening to fascinating talks on various aspects of Astronomy and/or STEM given by some of Australia’s most eminent and internationally recognised astronomers, physicists and engineers, a 3D astronomy movie, and viewing of the night or day sky through the observatories various telescopes including the main 0.6 m telescope.

Booking is necessary when interested to avail of the facility.


Penrith Observatory at University of Western Sydney


Cables Wake Park

Another entertaining centre for the thrill seekers not far from the Panthers Club building in Penrith.  We also came here twice watching men enjoying the sports, the last one was a rainy day, but still heaps of guys did enjoy the day here.


The lake where the Cables Wake is located.


Thrill seekers enjoying the Cables facility.

Aqua Golf

My first time to set foot here was during the celebration of my daughter’s birthday.  My kids played here as part of the birthday venue.  Another kind or form of entertainment for those seeking breaks during the weekends or holidays.


Another recreation in the city.

Great River Walk

We came here the following day after a heavy rain and we had a nice view of the river with abundance of flowing water, environment then was very wet but fresh and you can feel the awesomeness of vitality.  There were some guys having a walk and a guy fishing down the river though the river was visibly sign posted that fishing was prohibited in the area.



River walk view.


The stunning river view with the bridge at the background.


The Weir Reserve Park up the hill of the River Walk.

Tech Reserve

Another stunning view of the Hawkebury River here with the lush of vegetation around.  The place is very popular for picnic and venues for celebration like birthdays and other events.  This is also the place where the Paddle Wheeler is moored, where people board the boat, enjoy the day while on board as they travel up and down the river.


The Tech Reserve at the Nepean River.


The weekenders embarking on the floating Paddlewheeler for a river cruise.

Other Attractions

If you enjoy the recreation and sports around Penrith, you will surely love shopping too, at Westfield Penrith, one of the best shopping centres in Sydney.


Inside Penrith Shopping Centre

Panthers Penrith

There’s fun happening every night of the week at Penrith Panthers, a world of restaurants, gaming and events.  We celebrated Mother’s Day here two years ago with some of our friends.


The Panthers’ Club

Dining and restaurants.

Restaurants and fast foods abound in the city and are available until late night for all diners.  Silver Spur Steak Ranch, KFC, McDonalds, Outback Steakhouse, Krispy Creme, Nandos, Dominos, Subway, are some of them.

At the Spurs, we celebrated the birthdays of our kids, and they really love the foods and services here.


Silver Spur Steak Ranch in Penrith



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