Australian Botanic Garden

Park Annan 1100D

The ever green part of the garden built with a water feature.

This is one of the huge Botanic Gardens that can be found south of Sydney and is located in Mount Annan, Campbelltown, New South Wales.

We’ve been here four years ago and since then there were some great and new improvements done, some of them are featured in the photos below.  Of course there were also some features that were taken off and were then replaced with newly built ones.

But we missed one thing to visit and that’s the Plant Bank.  We visited the garden on Sunday and missed out the only tour for the day.

Park Annan 2016 1100D

A circular map made from metal detailing the various gardens inside the botanical.



A lizard (name?) I found cooling off at the water feature of the garden.

This will surely scare the kids once they’ve seen him but I didn’t saw any at that time.  I was able to get a good photo of him because he didn’t mind anything, just kept still and stared at me  while I took several photos of him.



One of the plants that are attractive and lovely in the garden.



“Banana Fig” one of the many fig tree collections in the botanic garden.



Some of the beautiful flowers cultivated in the garden.



A very attractive plant in the garden.



A view overlooking the lake.

The lake added a stunning view for the garden and attracted some visitors.  Some picnic tables right across are provided for people who love the outdoors and scenic views of the gardens as well as the surrounding hills.



Visitors just love the beautiful gardens.



The botanic garden is also the home of many birds like these ones.



This was one of features we’ve seen the first time we visited the botanic garden but wasn’t there anymore perhaps it was taken off and replaced with new ones.


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