Carl’s Jr Joining Fast Foods Down Under


Carl’s Jr setting side by side with MacDonald’s at Bateu Bay, Central Coast, New South Wales.

I have no idea that we were going to a fast food restaurant that day when we travelled down to the Cetral Coast of New South Wales.  All I knew was we’re heading to Bateu Bay.  Oh, I said to my wife, that’s good we’re for a beach once again.

I was surprised when we headed to Carl’s Jr restaurant, a fast food which is for sure not in my vocabulary.  So, I was a bit awed while getting inside the restaurant with new serving format and wall decorations.


The Carl’s Jr in Bateu Bay, Central Coast, New South Wales

It was one of our friends who actually knew all about Carl’s Jr and haven been visiting the place since it opened up for business.

Well, Carl’s Jr is an American fast-food chain noted for its raunchy ads and unconventional culinary combinations and plans to build up 300 local stores down under over the next 10 years.  The store in Bateu Bay that was just opened up was the first of them.

Carl’s Jr operates in over 30 countries worldwide and serving chargrilled burgers, hand-churned milkshakes and bottomless cups of soft drink.

That’s it.  Indeed, the burgers are big, potato chips taste good, and have bottomless cups of soft drinks compared to other fast foods like MacDonald s or Hungry Jacks, etc.

You have to get there too, to experience the difference yourself.  I noticed and probably others might have too, that more customers were piling up at Carl’s Jr than at MacDonald’s  being the two fast foods outlet setting side by side at Bateu Bay.


One of the Carl’s Jr wall decorations inside the fast food restaurant.

After our lunch at Carl’s Jr, we strolled or had window shopping at the Bateu Bay Shopping Centre.  Some of our friends did buy some stuffs, too.  After this, we visited some nearby popular beaches in the area

Shelly Beach

We drove down to the Shelly Beach which is not that far from Bateu Bay.

The beach is one of the beautiful beaches in the Central Coast.  It is also Central Coast ‘s most popular surfing beaches close to The Entrance, Long Jetty and Bateau Bay . The beach features rock walks and is great for exploring, too.  I have some photos taken below.


Shelly Beach is mostly sandy with brownish colour sand.


The rocky portion of the beach, but picturesque.


Strong waves dominating the shore that day we were here.

The Crackneck Lookout

The lookout is the favourite place for whale watchers and surfers.  It’s been noted that between May and August is the best time for good views of whales swimming past on their northern migration from here, and surfers can check out wave conditions here, too.

Not only that, this is also the launching sites for Hang Gliders and Paragliders.  From the photo below it is evident that this is a place not to be missed out for ocean or sea views!


The stunning lookout overlooking the Shelly Beach.


The Crackneck Loout is an awesome place for Hang gliders and Paragliders.

The Entrance

Before heading back home we had a brief stop over at The Entrance.  The kids just wanted to see the Pelican Feeding which  usually takes place at around three in the afternoon.


Pelican Feeding has become one of the attractions at The Entrance for the young and adults..

While they were in that feeding station waiting for the Pelicans to be fed, I did have a brief walk towards the rock pools.  Below are some of the photos I took.


The Entrance’s rocky part but also gives awesome view to the beach.


The Entrance’s sandy beach.


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