Sydney Harbour Lookout

They call the lookout overlooking the Sydney harbour as the Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout which is 85 metres above sea level.  There are more than 200 steps to negotiate, including those at the entry point just right on the side of the road to reach the lookout.

The number of people getting in and out of the lookout were huge, this includes the foreign tourists which means this is a crowd attracting spot in Sydney.  This is what I noticed during that day we had the walk there.

Well, the harbour view is stunning indeed!

On the way up, inside the Pylon, there are 3 levels of exhibits that displays the history and construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the men who built it, and the vision of JJC Bradfield, the chief engineer.  There is also a room inside the Pylon that shows a video/movie of the intricate and phase by phase construction of the bridge.  Luckily, I was with some friends who travelled and saw the place where the sandstone blocks used in the construction was quarried and it is in Moruya, in the south coast of New South Wales.


The start of the walk and climb to the Pylon Lookout.


An almost kilometre long walk towards the Pylon Lookout


The entry and the start of the more than 200 steps to the top Pylon Lookout.


One of the stairways inside the Pylon Lookout


One of the few exhibits on display inside the Pylon.

Harbour Views

Below are some of the images I took of the harbour and its surroundings from the lookout.  The photos show the Opera House, The Rocks, The Harbour Bridge top where climbers trilled themselves with stunning views, and the city’s cityscape as well as the highway that leads to the city.  This is I believe one of the city’s attractions and another way to entertain visitors and keep them aware of the history of the construction of the bridge, another city icon.


The Sydney Harbour view as seen from the lookout.


The Opera House as seen from the Pylon Lookout.


Another view of the harbour as seen from the lookout.


An image of the top of the bridge with some enthusiasts slowly ramming up their feet to reach the highest peak.


The Bradfield Highway connecting the city from North Sydney via the harbour bridge.


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