Thredbo, Snowy Mountain

They call Thredbo as the alpine village in Australia, and perhaps they have some reasons to call it that way.  Well, the best way to asses things up is to visit the places, enjoy the scenic environment as well as those provided facilities for all ages to enjoy during winter..

That was what we did for two years, visited the resorts of the Snowy Mountains – The Perisher, Thredbo, Mount Selwyn, and they have all different approaches to entertain the public during winter.  Locations matter most when selling to the public, any commercial sports like skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, etc.


A dedicated snow resort providing nonstop events throughout the winter.


Thredbo’s snow capped peak, most adventures especially the thrill seekers wish to reach during snow time and even during summer.


The Kosciuszko Chair.


The track for the way up which I followed to capture these photos.

For me, I am fascinated more with Thredbo.  When we visited the place, I had a great time exploring it starting from the base up to that point half way the snow capped peak  on foot.  There was a designated track that I followed but most of the time deviated from it when I was capturing some images that I want to share online or worth to be photographed carefully.


Snow covered leaves.


Children enjoyed the snow.


The vibrant Thredbo during winter.

I was amazed to see heaps of people visiting Thredbo when we’re there, complete with gears.  It looks like winter to them is to experience the snow with fun, with sports, doesn’t matter how long they’ll gonna be there.

Now, winter is almost another season of the past and we’re heading for another spring.  Welcome spring and see you winter next year again.


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