IMG_6608Hi and welcome to my blog!

I am based in Metropolitan Sydney and I have the means of easy access to the cities and countrysides of New South Wales, that is the reason majority of the adventures and images posted in this blog are focused in this state.

I have included our adventures to Queensland, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) though.

It was during 1999 when I started travelling the country and seriously documenting them since 2010, the time photography became my passion using DSLR cameras.

As much as possible I would like the images I captured during our adventures to be as close as to what the eyes naturally perceive, and that’s the kind of photography that I love and would like to share.  Many photographers portray their images in many different styles which they believe is the best way to showcase their artistry.

As you know, things change.  I travel now simply because of photography, not like before I travel because of my desire to reach and see new places.  Australia is the perfect place for me for this purpose.  The land down under is huge in its immense pristine beauty, a paradise to many  and that to me, should be captured and shared for others to know and enjoy, too.

From time to time I will be updating this blog so stay tune!




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