Snowy Revisited



The Adaminaby Road in New South Wales

Our first adventure to the snowy mountains had a great impact unto us, our short stay full of fun and excitement seemed not enough to be called an adventure and so everyone decided to have a another trip for a return to the place the following year.

So, winter 2015, we had revisited the snowy mountains but this time on the snowfilelds of Mount Selwyn and the Perisher Valley Resort.

We still got booked at Angler’s Reach Lakeside Village in Adaminaby which is not that far from Mount Selwyn.

At first, we had expectations that we’ll encounter good weather, nice sunny day, not too windy of course , for us to enjoy once again the snowfields.  To our dismay,  we encountered the worst weather!  It was drizzling, sometimes raining, and then heavy snowfall.  It was our first time to see and encounter such phenomenon, on the other hand this experience of witnessing heavy snowfalls to me, was great and awesome!


The Angler’s Reach Lakeside Village in Adaminaby.

Half an hour, and then an hour later, snow covered the cars and roads.  Before lunch, our trip to drive up to Mount Selwyn was pretty compromising, most of us were confused of what to do,  but we’re able to stay focus, to move on.  Some of our friends were not lucky enough, didn’t make it to the snow fields because of incorrect or not fitted with chains to their tyres.  I did manage to drive up because I have a 4WD car, two more cars fitted with chains followed me up.  At the top of the mountain, we encountered more heavy snowfalls, strong wind and skiers were forced to stop and sought refuge at the restaurant nearby which was then full of adventure seeking people.

We encountered the same weather when we drove up to Perisher Valley.  There was a heavy  traffic up the mountains because cars slowed down due to heavy snowfalls and strong wind!  It was again another great adventure for us, but completely scary and precarious, we were advised after reaching halfway to drive back because the resort was closed due to strong wind and heavy snowfalls.


Lake Eucumbene in Adaninaby


Snow falls At Mount Selwyn Snowfields

Snowy15 MtSelwyn

Mount Selwyn Snowfields.


Snow storm at Perisher Valley.


At perisher Valley, drove back down to Adaminaby.

That was another snow experience I will never forget and will keep on retelling.  I wouldn’t mind to schedule another trip back there if we have the opportunity but has to be during the months of August or so, not earlier than that.




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