Mount Victoria, Blackheath, and Megalong Valley


Some of the stuffs at Mount Victoria Museum

Mount Victoria, Megalong Valley, and Blackheath are one of the most treasured places in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales.  We had an an awesome adventure to these places especially at the Megalong Valley.

Mount Victoria is a small township in the Blue Mountains and is the westernmost village located about 120 kilometres by road from Sydney while Megalong Valley is part of the Blue Mountains located west of Katoomba.

In Mount Victoria, we visited the local museum there, a museum just setting right close to the train station.  There were records of first gold rush, earlier life of European settlements, land clearings and many more.  They’re indeed very interesting to know but we kept our presence during that time to a minimum because we had more places on our schedule to go.

Next, we went to a Memorial Park in Blackheath with three different playgrounds for children, one of them is the Heritage Equipment Playground, a unique metal pipe playground equipment.  This was the work of a local blacksmith engineer named Dick West during the 1960s and 1970s.  It’s very unique, very interesting pieces of craftsmanship!


Some displays at the Heritage Equipment Playground

Already passed one in the afternoon and we haven’t taken our lunch yet because we’re still driving down to the Megalong Valley.

Not far down the road is the Megalong Tea Room where we had a brief stop for lunch.  People here were friendly and very accommodating, also, there were only few people taking their lunch at that time we’re here.  While it is very remote, the Team Room served as a dining as well as a respite for visitors.


Our servings for a lunch during that day in the Megalong Valley Tea Room.

I love the country feeling of this place, very calm, breezy and heaps of huge trees that kept the place oozing with shades providing fine spring weather.  The landscape is awesome and I reckon photography here is excellent, stunning!  I did have few shots taken here including the images below of grazing horses.  Megalong Valley is noted for horse riding and bush walking.


Horses grazing at Megalong Valley.


The picturesque Megalong Valley.




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