Canberra’s Deep Space


The welcoming building at the entrance of the complex with the inscribed name of NASA and CSIRO.

We had a great time of excitement exploring the facilities in this station, another feat of engineering and science dealing with astronomy, the solar system and beyond, to which Australia is very proud of, having the station built down under.

The Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex is one of the stations around the world communicating with NASA in all its projects of reaching out beyond the borders of our solar system.  The complex is managed by CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) technicians, administrators, engineers, logisticians and specialists on behalf of NASA.

It took us half day to finish to go around the facilities, and still that was a bit rush for us.  For me, to actually digest everything written, posted, and documented in every room in the station, one must spend a day or so.  We felt like we were in another world or somewhat back to school life when we saw these creations – huge antennas and paraphernalia of astronauts, their achievements, life, foods and others.


The ambitious objective of the station posted on the right side of the walkway leading to the main room of the station.


A close up look at one of the antennas in the complex.


Another close up look at an antenna in the complex.


This is one of the display room or visitor centre inside the station.

The antennas in the station are huge and currently there are four antennas active (three 40 metre and one 70 metre), they are identified with unique numbers.  There are also several antennas that have either been dismantled or decommissioned at the Complex over the years.  You can find here the details or story of how the complex evolved.

The complex accepts visitors – tourists, school children (runs education program too) or families, thus there is a kiosk and a playground for the kids.


Some attractions inside the main building.


A movie/video room inside the station probably intended for visitors and conferences.

For sure you’ll gonna love what you see inside the complex as much as we do, especially the kids studying science subjects in school.  There is a big parking area fronting the complex.  A reminder though, that there is a security check right at the gate and authorized vehicles are only allowed to get through.


One of the projects of NASA.


A view of the Canberra Deep Space Complex from afar.

This was our second time to get access to such a science or antenna facility here down under.  Our first visit was in Parkes, New South Wales 362 km northwest of Sydney, where “The Dish” is stationed.


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