Art Gallery of New South Wales


It was my daughter who knew about the Art Gallery and she suggested to me to visit it one day.  Then, two weeks ago, we both visited it.  The building alone is huge, architecture is one of the finest, and visible even from a distance.

The gallery is one of the most beautiful art museums in the world.  It is the display centre of the finest international and Australian art and is visited by 1 million visitors annually.

Of course there are some rules to follow when inside the gallery such as no flash photography and visitors are not allowed to touch any art display on the floor.  Security men are always visible to enforce these rules.


One of the aisles that lead to some exhibits or displays.


Lower levels are homes for modern and contemporary art.


Another art of a kind sawn together made from some kind of fish nets.

I was amazed at the various art display, they’re indeed very creatively done.  They could be a great source of inspiration once you’ve experience or have seen them.  It will take time to view them all if you go to the finest details or descriptions posted alongside the art display.


The projected image from a video, actually the pages were flipped up by milliseconds.


Another form of art using a projector that was on display.

We started touring at the basement of the building and then up to the main floor.  There were actually three lower levels, a ground floor for the Grand Courts and Australian galleries while the upper level was closed to the public at that time of our visit.

I got stuck up at the Grand Courts where some of the distinguished collection of colonial and 19th-century Australian works and European old masters are posted.  Some of the paintings are huge, an art form worthy of an admiration.

There are also dedicated galleries that showcase the arts of Asia and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.  During that time of our visit, “Tang :  Treasures from the Silk Road Capital” was  on exhibit and Lectures were also conducted in consonance with the history of this Golden Age of Chinese civilisation and material culture program.


One of the Grand Court Galleries.


This is a huge painting, artistic and beautifully done, one of the treasures of the gallery.


One of the figurines on display at the gallery.


Some of the stunning marble sculptures on display.


Looking into the future.


The stairway that leads down to the Ceramics Arts and Research Centre.


One of the arts stored down the Ceramics and Research Centre.




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